Apartments in Dubai are the most opted go to option in UAE. Whether it’s about choosing a living space for expats, professionals, or any college student – apartments for sale in Dubai are the first thing that will come to your mind regarding living. You don’t need to be always familiar with living in Dubai, and in such scenarios, there are several things that you might need to consider before buying an apartment in Dubai. In this blog, Primo Capital has created a list of “must-have amenities” in your next apartment in Dubai. Through these amenities – the buyer of the Property market in Dubai can attain a convenient & luxurious life.

7 “MUST HAVE” Amenities for your Apartment in Dubai

Following is the list of amenities that should be in your apartment. By indulging in these amenities, you can get a life full of comfort and add potential ROI to your apartment purchase in Dubai.

1- Fitness Facilities:

this is fitness facility in apartment of Dubai

Apartments for sale in Dubai should always be present with fitness facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pools or jogging track so that an active lifestyle remains dominant in your everyday schedule. Having fitness facilities near your apartment in Dubai is an integral amenity that holds paramount importance. Having access to a well-equipped gym equipped with modern amenities, purchasing an apartment in Dubai available for sale will become more convenient!

2- Communal Amenities:

this is fitness facility in apartment of Dubai

Not all the apartments in Dubai need to offer private amenities that you can avail of anytime, and if an apartment does that, it indeed comes with a price. To keep things liable, having communal amenities present in your apartment is the perfect option to opt for, choosing luxury with affordability. Next time you look for an apartment for sale in Dubai, check the presence of communal amenities in your next purchase in Dubai’s property market.

3- Maintenance Services:

Recognizing the significance of having maintenance service as an essential amenity in your next apartment in Dubai is the key to ensuring a stress-free and comfortable living experience. Having a reliable maintenance service always available to take care of your apartment’s upkeep and repairs will make your residential living a sigh of relief for you! This service offers convenience and peace of mind, from addressing plumbing and electrical issues to handling general maintenance tasks like painting and fixture repairs. It allows residents to focus on enjoying their living space without worrying about unexpected repairs or maintenance challenges. Moreover, a well-maintained property enhances the aesthetic appeal and contributes to the overall longevity of the apartment.

4- Child’s Play area:

Child’s play areas or daycare centres are other important amenities that should be present in your next apartment purchase. By including such amenities in your apartment complex, you’re prioritizing both convenience and the well-being of residents, making your living experience more enriching and accommodating for families. By choosing an apartment with this feature, you invest in a home that promotes your children’s holistic development while providing a convenient and enjoyable environment to explore, learn, and create memorable memories.

5- Green Spaces:

this is garden space in Dubai offering serene escape to residents

The city of buildings often loses its green spaces charm. Having a green space in your apartment in Dubai will boost the aesthetics and promote a fresh-air lifestyle that everyone covets. This amenity in your apartment for sale in Dubai will offer you a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these areas contribute to improved air quality and overall well-being. They also encourage outdoor activities, allowing individuals and families to engage in leisurely strolls, picnics, and other outdoor pursuits. Including green space in your apartment complex not only enhances your living experience but also elevates the value and desirability of the property.

6- Furnished Kitchen:

This is the photo of furnished kitchen in Dubai for an elevated lifestyle.

Having a fully furnished kitchen with modern appliances might be a pricy amenity to own, but it will save you from the headache of purchasing & installing appliances. It is undoubtedly a noteworthy amenity that you can get in your dream apartment in Dubai. You can immediately move in & start enjoying culinary activities in your Dubai apartment for sale. Modern and coordinated appliances contribute to the visual appeal of the kitchen, creating a space that’s not only functional but also stylish. The convenience, time saved, and immediate kitchen usability add tremendous value to your apartment living experience.

Other Essential Amenities for Your Apartment in Dubai

A long list of amenities should be present in your apartment. These amenities are part of your daily life conveniences. Survival may be difficult or an unpleasant living experience you want to avoid witnessing.

  1. Spacious Parking Area
  2. 24/7 Security & Surveillance
  3. High-Speed Elevators
  4. Wifi Services
  5. Rooftop Services
  6. Nearby shopping malls
  7. Fire or Emergency Exits
  8. Playgrounds

Are these amenities free in the apartment of Dubai?

All the stated amenities usually come for free in apartments in Dubai. However, residents may have to pay amenity fees or subscriptions charged monthly or annually. You may also have to pay a one-time, flat fee whenever you buy your apartment in Dubai. It is advisable to check the property management or leasing office to clarify the details of amenities and any potential costs involved.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the presence of essential amenities in your apartment in Dubai will make your life easier and increase the worth of your purchase. The dynamic lifestyle offered by this bustling city prompts the need for amenities that cater to various aspects of modern living. By selecting an apartment with these “must-have” amenities, residents can elevate their daily routines, promote well-being, and enjoy a convenient and luxurious lifestyle.