The skyline of Dubai is full of breathtaking architectural marvels each of which is vying for the becoming the most prestigious development. Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. penthouses stand out in this setting of Dubai real estate. This is because each of the penthouses offers a symphony that represents the true dedication of the two giants’ one the BinGhatti developers and the other luxury jewellery maker Jacob and Co. These havens like penthouses, in this project of Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co., are exclusive and offer a convenient lifestyle at the same time. In this blog let’s discuss what sets apart these penthouses from the other apartment-based properties in Dubai.

Bird Eye Analysis of Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Penthouses in Dubai

Below is the comprehensive discussion regarding what are the features that make the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Penthouses residence undeniably unique. Moreover, according to the news source Burj BinGhatti Residences is about to become the new jewel of Dubai Skyline.

Fusion of Exclusive Designs and Luxury Amenities


One of the various features due to which Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co apartments are considered unique is services. Each of the apartments is decorated with facilities with the vision to offer maximum convenience. Besides the availability of an infinity swimming pool offering a view of the Dubai skyline, a Jacuzzi, bodyguard service, private chef service, spa service and more make this place unimaginable.

Strategic Location of the Penthouses

The exclusive partnership of BinGhatti and Jacob & Co. resulted in offering exclusive apartments that are located at the prime location. The location selected for the Burj BinGhatti Jacob & co penthouses is Business Bay which itself offers stunning benefits. Property in Jacob and co-residences is distinct due to offering the living at the location that is easily accessible from almost everywhere.

Besides, where other penthouse properties in Dubai are located in inconvenient locations, Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co flats are located in a prime location and offer closure to the key regions including Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport and The Dubai Mall.  Let’s compare the different locations of a penthouse in Dubai and see whether or not Business Bay is best.

FeaturesBurj BinGhatti Jacob and Co (Business Bay)Dubai MarinaPalm Jumeirah
Central Location  
Modern and Vibrant  
Waterfront living  
Leisure Options  
Historical Charm  

Price for the Exclusivity

Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co penthouses in Dubai are offered at a lower price astonishingly in comparison with the other penthouse properties. However, even if the Burj BinGhatti is offered at a hefty price this, can be justified with the numerous luxury amenities it offers. Another factor that makes Burj BinGhati less expensive is its current status of construction which is under construction. Now, let’s compare the skyrocketing price of Burj BinGhatti Jacob and Co. residence and other penthouse properties in Dubai:

Property NamePenthouse Starting Price
Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co PenthousesAED 8.2M
One Palm PenthousesAED 16M
Burj Khalifa PenthousesAED 25M

Types of Penthouses offered by Jacob & Co. Residences luxury complex

There are three categories of penthouses offered by Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. This is also a unique feature of this project as there are very few or no other projects that offer the exclusive penthouses categories like Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. The three categories of penthouses are:

  1. Astronomia Sky penthouses
  2. Fleur De Jardin Sky Mansions
  3. The Billionaire Sky Penthouses

Astronomia Sky Penthouse

There is so much special about this category of penthouse offered by Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. making it not unique but unmatched.

Major Highlights of Astronomia Sky Penthouse

Stunning Views – Enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views from Astronomia Sky penthouses.

Design Inspired from Constellation – Justifying its name Astronomia Sky penthouse is an extremely sophisticated residence with a celestial theme. The décor and interiors mimic the twinkling of constellations.

Unparalleled Amenities – with the presence of a Helipad, private fitness centre, a dedicated spa and a private infinity pool this penthouse category offers numerous facilities.


Fleur De Jardin Sky Mansion

The second type of penthouse category that distinguishes the Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. flats category is Fleur De Jardin Sky Mansions.

Major Highlights of Fleur De Jardin Sky Mansion

Half-Floor Layout – it is an exception to the penthouse offered by Fleur De Jardin Sky Mansion which offered a half-floor layout.

Spectacular Views – Another feature that is only restricted to this penthouse category is the multiple views that can be enjoyed. Residents can either enjoy the views of Burj Khalifa or Dubai Creek Harbour.

Option of Customization – you can also customize the penthouse as this property has the potential to offer you so.  


The Billionaire Sky Penthouse

The third category of penthouse offered by Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co residence is The Billionaire Sky Penthouse.

Major Highlights of The Billionaire Sky Penthouse

Unprecedented scale of penthouse – The penthouse is based on two entire floors, and offers a majestic size of 22,469 sq. ft.

Private Space – The other penthouses on the one hand share the same floor with other residential spaces, The Billionaire Sky penthouse has a dedicated space. Due to this, it offers unparalleled exclusivity and privacy.



Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Penthouses in Dubai stands out from the other penthouse properties in Dubai. There is no one reason but a couple of reasons that are driving the uniqueness of Burj BinGhatti. The amenities are provided by all the penthouse properties of Dubai, but the edge of a variety of amenities is only held by Burj BinGhatti. Moreover, the prime location of Burj BinGhatti that is Business Bay is far more convenient and exclusive than the other penthouse areas in Dubai. The features of each of the penthouses in Burj BinGhatti are not offered by other penthouses making it is outstanding place in the shining Skyline of Dubai.  On the price scale also Burj BinGhatti wins as it is highly premium but still the starting price is less than the other penthouse projects of Dubai.