The Flagship of The Brand inspired by the Impossible

Brimming with radical and profound ideas, breaking new ground in high-end architectural and horological spheres, Binghatti and Jacob & Co unite to transcend boundaries never believed possible – an astounding architectural and design luxury feat the world has never seen before.

The crown stands as the culmination of the Binghatti and Jacob & Co signature architectural and horological code, the emblem and purest representation of the brands. The crown is found at the highest altitude of the hypertower illuminating unrivaled opulence with its voluptuous and fascinating constructive display of the iconic and signature Jacob diamonds.

The amalgamation of ingenuity and refinement are the hallmarks of this groundbreaking architectural masterpiece. Featuring stylized elements and dimensions found in Jacob & Co’s scrupulous watchmaking process that are both highly aesthetic and constructive. The hypertower has gone beyond remarkable architectural and horological achievements, full of unparalleled pioneering technological solutions and adorned with incomparable finishing techniques inspired by Jacob & Co’s horological and design philosophy.

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