Buy Luxury Apartment in Dubai 2024 to Get Good Rentals: The epitome of ultimate luxury living is defined fabulously by a luxury apartment in Dubai. You can always go right with this particular investment for real estate. Among many other properties to buy in Dubai, a luxury apartment in Dubai stands alone at the top. Due to the fantastic reputation attained over the years through the booming economy, luxury apartments are the best property investment in Dubai. The positive feature of investing in luxury flats in Dubai is gaining high rentals and significant profits on selling as the property demand has risen over the past years, escalating the renters to opt for whatever is available.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences luxury apartment in Dubai is best to gain good rentals.

Rental Prices of Property in Dubai Raising or Lowering?

Let’s unravel some exciting news about rental prices. Many investors worldwide have stopped their plans for new investments as they are beholding something positive that will entice them to resume their long-awaited investments. The best property investment in Dubai can be made with stunning luxurious apartments in the pristine areas such as Blue Waters, Jumeirah Beach Resorts JBR and Jumeirah Lake Towers as these are the best areas to make property investment in Dubai 2024 and gain high rental yields as per the Gulf Business.

Luxury Apartment in Dubai Rents Increasing by 20%

As expected from Dubai capital real estate’s reputation, which was predicted to conventionally provide benefits to the property owners and buyers. The population of Dubai is expected to increase. By 2040, it will be 5.8 million. It positively impacts Dubai’s economy and will increase the planning of ongoing off plan projects in Dubai to a greater extent by incorporating maximum features and amenities along with bigger and better projects. According to Arabian News, the rents for luxury properties for sale in Dubai are expected to climb up by 20% by this year. The previous surge in 2023 witnessed 23% annually, so this year is expected to see good rental growth.

The following analysis will guide you on how renting luxury apartments in Dubai became profitable for property owners.

Rental Properties 2023 Analysis

  • Short term: 30%
  • Long term: 27%

Rental Properties 2024 Prediction

  • Short term: 20%
  • Long term: 15%

Although the percentages for 2024 are lower than 2023, it is just a prediction; it might increase in actuality, and the end note is rental properties in Dubai will never lead you to profit, but it will grant you a good one. Therefore, investment in a luxury apartment in Dubai will give you an excellent rental yield through which you can further utilise those profits into other fabulous investment options.

Impact of Rental Increases on Dubai Residents

Whether it is about long-term or short-term rentals, landlords are going to get a good rental yield as per the promising niche for rental properties. The prime locations for properties in Dubai will raise the contract for a one-year lease. It is expected that the homes that are available on the basis of one-year rentals will increase their rental prices after the lease contract ends. So, tenants are advised to get ready to experience a new surge.

Why it’s beneficial to invest in luxury apartments in Dubai?  

The current rental price surge and property demand to be rising ultimately due to property scarcity is the main reason that will profit the property owners. It is the best time to make a property investment in Dubai in 2024, and that is to be specifically for a luxury apartment. The demand for a luxury apartment in Dubai is higher than other property options due to their pristine amenities and features, enticing renters to pay more and be a part of an exceptional project. It increases the chance of getting high rentals, and the best project in this term is “Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences”. You can buy one of Dubai’s most upscale luxury apartments for sale and gain a high rental yield, elevating your investment portfolio. 

A luxury apartment in Dubai at Jacob & Co Residential project comes with mind blowing amenities and features enticing tenants to pay as per the silent agreement.


Extracting the exact information based on the facts is impossible, but devising a constructive way can be. As the demand for ongoing off plan projects in Dubai is increasing and new developments are being under construction, it predicts that the property scarcity has led to further project constructions and the highly influenced investors enticed by the state’s services, property for rent in Dubai seems to be in demand. The best option available in the real estate market is a luxury apartment in Dubai, which will make your investment fruitful. You can buy a luxury apartment in Dubai, Business Bay, in the most stunning project, “Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences“, which will bring you high rentals due to the exclusive features of the project and the increased demand for luxury and comfort.


1. Where is the best luxury apartment in Dubai located?

 Business Bay is the best area to get the best luxury apartments for sale in Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences with world-class amenities and enticing features. 

2. Can you easily rent your luxury apartment in Dubai?

With legalities and proper documentation, you can hire a real estate agent, rent out your luxury apartment in Dubai easily, and gain a profitable rental yield due to high property demand and fewer projects.

3. Are ongoing off plan projects in Dubai suitable for making early investments?

Due to high property demand and increasing rentals, investing in any ongoing off plan projects in Dubai can give investors a climbing edge to gain a good reputation in real estate.