The demand for flats is increasing massively in comparison with apartment villas in Dubai. Khaleej Times reported that in April nearly 58% of the buyers of property searched for apartments and only 42% searched for townhouses or villas. Flats in Dubai are exclusive but what factors are contributing to making apartments more sought after than villas? This blog will shed light on this. This will facilitate your plan to invest in flats townhouses or villas in Dubai.

Reasons Why Property Buyers Are Focusing on More Flats in Dubai As Compared To Villa

Let’s explore the reasons why buyers are searching more for flats in Dubai rather than villas.

Role of COVID-19 – Demand has transformed!

Dubai flats demand increasing

The demand surge for apartments in Dubai is completely the opposite demand trend in COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for townhouses and villas hiked as buyers are looking for large spaces for quarantine and distance living. However, now there are no restrictions related to Covid-19.

Increasing Population – Apparent transformation

Another major reason that has projected impact or increase is the increasing population that has increased the demand for luxury apartments in Dubai in Dubai rather than villas.

From the reputable source, it is evident that in 2023 the population of Dubai rose by nearly 1M 2023 with 50,000 residential property units. However, in comparison in 2024, Emirates welcomed 25,700 new residents while the property units added to the market were only 6500.

What Statistics are saying – Is villas leading?

According to the data of April approximately 58% of the property buyers sought after the Dubai apartments offering exclusive living opportunities. On the other hand, only 42% of the buyers focused or wanted to live in villas or townhouses.

Besides, 79% of the tenants sought flats in Dubai, while only 21% of the buyers of property looked for townhouses or villas.

These statistics are a clear revelation that apartments in Dubai, are more in demand as compared to the villas of townhouses.

Expert Opinion on Increasing Demand for Flats in Dubai – Is there any breaking news?

According to the expert real estate agent:

“The strong point of the real estate market is apparent despite ongoing changes in demand. (There) is an exciting shift in consumer preferences, towards an amplified appetite of potential home-owners for flats. This contradicts the need for villas/townhouses that we have been witnessing since the pandemic, especially over the previous months. We assume the market will remain vibrant following announcements such as the shift of operations from Dubai International Airport to Al Maktoum International Airport, sparking renewed demand across developing areas,”

Another managing director in a real-estate segment from a reputable firm said:

“With the population following the persistent trend of growing and many people setting up households in the region, we have seen a significant increase in mortgage leads and buyer registrations over the last quarter,”

Interesting Facts About the Demand for Luxury Flats in Dubai – Study Spilling Facts

Figure 3 luxury villas in Dubai

As reported by the study from a trusted real estate agency in Dubai approximately 64% of the tenants are looking for properties or apartment-type properties that are furnished. The furnished demand also includes ready interiors and other world-class fitting and amenities.

Dubai Apartments are Outpacing Villas as only 55% of the renters want unfurnished villas and 44% want furnished properties.

Capital Appreciation and Returns – Where to Invest?

As reported, Return on investment is also one of the major drivers that is causing differences in demand for flats or villas in Dubai.

The highest ROI in villas any buyer could avail is from Jumeirah Village Circle offering 7.81%. On the other hand, as reported by Arabian News Dubai Silicon Oasis flats offer a staggering 8.29% of ROI.

Competition Ending – Buyers Want All!

Figure 4 Dubai flats

The competition for the property may end with the new development being located in a strategic and convenient location. This is because according to the report, the new development in the distinguished Dubai South offers exceptional facilities in both apartments and villas.

Some of the other distinguished areas that may end the competition between luxury flats in Dubai and villas or townhouses include, JVC, Dubai Land, Damac Hills, Marjan, Silicon Oasis and International City.

The strategic location of both villas and flats in these locations offers easy access to key tourism spots and places like Al Maktoum International Airport.


Flats in Dubai are surpassing villa demand in 2024 for a couple of reasons. Apartments in Dubai are in high demand as COVID-19 has ended in most of the world and is being controlled by the governments, also ending the demand for large living spaces. Besides, simple consumer preference is now for flats and not for villas. Other reason includes the increasing population in Dubai and the high ROI offered by apartments. This competition may end with the same facilities being offered by both property types.