The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic increased the demand for apartments in Dubai. Why? There are a couple of reasons for that. Besides, the luxury flats in Dubai are extremely exclusive and equipped with amenities making them attractive for buyers. However, the prices of the apartments are also skyrocketing with the high demand for the masterpieces. According to real estate experts, the most demanding property type in the UAE is apartments in Dubai.

Reasons making luxury flats in Dubai most demanding property type in the UAE

As mentioned earlier there are a couple of reasons why apartments in Dubai are the most demanding property types in the UAE, Let’s discuss 6 of the major reasons, one by one in detail to get a better understanding of Dubai apartments.

Consumer Preferences – Crucial to Respond!

After the pandemic primarily, developers observed high demand for the apartment property type in Dubai. One of the main reasons is, that individual’s preferences are shifting towards buying luxury flats in Dubai. According to the data insights from Property Finder from March 2023, 59.7% of individuals are interested in purchasing an apartment. The study data also reveals that the search trend of people towards apartments has also increased as compared to the other property types.

Hassle-Free Experience – Live a complete life surrounded by Luxury

Analysis showed that one of the features of Dubai apartments that is making it stand out is the smooth process of living. For the buyers, it is important to live and experience a life, full of luxury and comfort without any stress. Similarly, the luxury flats in the exclusive region of Dubai are outperforming the other property types in other luxury flats in UAE as they offer premium living.

Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury – Live your Dream!

Another reason that makes apartments in Dubai a hot choice for buyers is you can experience the epitome of luxury and beauty. The apartment in Dubai is distinguished from the others as it offers a completely different lifestyle equipped with luxury amenities. Some of the jaw-dropping and unique facilities residents can enjoy are stunning and relaxing views, maximum privacy, recreational and gym centres, an infinity pool to unwind, entertainment facilities, easy access to retail and shopping centres, a secure environment and smart living. This comprehensive list is not completed yet and apartment residences offer much more to the occupants.

Easy to Buy – Yes you can Also Buy!

It usually feels like a dream to own a property in Dubai, but what is making the property type of apartments in Dubai is in high demand and leading is, ease for buyers. The ongoing off-plan projects in Dubai and their cost are one of the various reasons, why apartments in Dubai are in high demand as compared to the other property types in the UAE. One of the major benefits of living in flats in Dubai is, that they offer an easy and flexible payment plan. The developers of Dubai have recently introduced a 1% payment plan offer for the buyers, making apartment property type a highlight in Dubai.

Private apartments in Dubai with amenities

In the 1% payment plan, buyers can book their property by paying just 1% of the total property price. After paying 50% easily attain title deeds, making most luxury flats in Dubai premium and attractive.  Therefore, this exceptional monthly payment plan is also making the property of Dubai highly appealing.

Furnished Apartments – Live Obligation Free Living

The next feature on the list that makes the apartment’s most demanding is the furnished apartment offering no other obligation for buyers. The luxury flats in Dubai provide benefits for tenants as they are not obligated to pay post-dated cheques, Dewa, Ejari and other charges related to housing. Moreover, the apartments are fully furnished and the rent is inclusive of housekeeping, utility bills, laundry, and luxury amenities of a pool and gym. The apartments in Dubai also offer complexity-free documentation. These aspects have made the apartments in Dubai most demanding in the UAE.

Unique and Distinguished Layouts

In UAE, the best off-plan property in Dubai is apartments, making it high in demand. Another important reason that offers a leading edge to Dubai luxury apartments is the variety of layouts. The most common type of residence in Dubai is apartments as it account for over 80% of the residential units. Each of the floor plans is designed with a fantastic approach to privacy and comfort.

In comparison with the other Property Types – Apartment Residences are winning

When comprising the property type offered in Dubai it has been found out that apartments lead. Apartments proved as one of the highest demanded and best off plan properties in Dubai. They are ideal for small families, require low maintenance lifestyle, with luxurious amenities. The exclusive locations and offer easy payment plans for young professional expats. On the other hand, villas or townhouses also offers various amenities but lacks in flexible and cost-effective payment plan.


Deciding to buy a luxury flat in Dubai is beneficial for you in future. This is because the apartment property type in Dubai is high in demand, due to its features including customer preference, flexible payment plan, and hassle-free experience, the height of luxury, uncountable amenities, and cost-effective living options. All of these aspects make the apartment’s property type an eye-catching option for buyers. With high ROI and luxurious living options, apartments in Dubai are creating a unique lifestyle.