As we enter in 2024, the benefits of Dubai real estate start propelling in full swing! More and more foreign investments are being intervened in this Emirate. The investors are keeping real estate agents on their toes in search of the perfect investment that is lucrative and appreciative in the near future. With the wild ride of real estate investment, off-plan projects in the UAE are the most visited spots. The feasibility of payment & and the chance of higher ROI make this category quite popular among buyers, making it 50% higher in transactions in the past 2 years. Today, in this article, you will dive deeper into the benefits and risks you need to watch out for in 2024 to make your off-plan properties in UAE purchase safe & sound!

Why Off Plan Projects in UAE are high in demand?

Photo of bustling off plan property in Dubai rising wild in 2024

Off-plan projects in the UAE are seeing exceptional interest, fundamentally determined by robust financial development and a flourishing land area. In 2023, Dubai’s land and development areas increased by 3.6% and 1.9%, separately contributing to the city’s Gross domestic product. This financial rise, combined with a thriving travel industry, has raised the interest for lodging, with off-plan deals exchanges in Dubai at a record 68,783, a stunning 59.4% increment from the earlier year. Besides, these exchanges were packed in the central 10 regions, demonstrating severe strength areas for ideal places.

In Abu Dhabi, the off-plan market likewise saw noteworthy development, with deal exchanges expanding by close to 100% in volume and a stunning 174% in esteem compared with the earlier year. This flood mirrors the rising financial backer certainty and interest for high-potential speculation valuable open doors in the locale.

The variety and allure of emerging regions further energize interest in the best UAE off-plan projects. Investors and property seekers continue to flock to prestigious areas like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah, demonstrating the market’s maturity and the continued appeal of luxury and prime locations. This pattern mirrors a more extensive inclination for off-plan properties, which offer the double advantages of venture development potential and way of life notoriety, solidly laying them out as a favoured decision in the UAE’s dynamic housing market.

5 risks with off plan projects in UAE (MUST WATCH-OUT FOR 2024)

Following are the risks that are attached to the propelling category of off plan projects in the UAE

  • No immediate returns
  • Chances of delayed property delivery
  • Market conditions may be different in years
  • Cannot be sold out before paying a certain sale percentage
  • It might not meet your expectations

No immediate return – Long term investment

Although off-plan projects in Dubai deliver attractive vibes due to discounted offers, it is the biggest risk if you evaluate. Long-term investment horizons characterize off-plan projects as no immediate returns are involved. Thus, people excited for brief returns could find off-plan speculations less inviting, as these endeavours focus on future development over prompt productivity, adjusting more to key financial backers than to those looking for momentary advantages.

Off-plan projects might get delayed.

The delivery date is promised in off plan projects when or unless you are investing with reputable developers known for delivering on the given date. Exploring the off-plan property market in Dubai requests alerts, particularly with gambles with development delays. Purchasers should carefully survey the deal and buy arrangements to guarantee clear expectations regarding the end dates and designer obligations, assuming cutoff times are missed.

Careful examination of the designer’s history is vital to moderate dangers, like task retraction or monetary misfortunes. Besides, Dubai’s Land Administrative Organization (RERA) gives well-being net to purchasers through regulation ordering designers to store instalments into escrow accounts, open just after arriving at determined project achievements, in this manner offering an additional layer of monetary security and genuine serenity for financial backers.

Market conditions may be different in years.

Getting your investments into off-plan projects in Dubai conveys the intrinsic gamble of market unpredictability. The prices can dip below the buying price, affected by fluctuating economic situations. The wise buyers can entertain this gamble by entering the market during positive patterns, possibly getting properties at severe costs and situating themselves for significant returns upon project fulfilment. Investors can better navigate the complexities of buying off-plan property in Dubai and maximize their chances of long-term gains by prioritizing these strategic considerations, such as timing the market, location, and market dynamics.

Cannot be sold out before paying a certain sale percentage

Strict rules control off-plan properties in Dubai; property owners must fulfil specific developer and government requirements before selling. To be eligible for resale, owners must typically pay between 30% and 40% of the entire cost of the property, though this number can change depending on the project and developer involved. Prospective sellers must confirm these prerequisites in advance. To protect the interests of all parties concerned, sellers and buyers must also adhere to the conditions specified in the developer’s contract. This involves ensuring that all legal and procedural requirements are satisfied before the transfer of ownership occurs.


Off-plan properties in the UAE are quite lucrative for those who want to invest slowly and build a robust foundation in Dubai real estate. Although this category seems feasible for many astute buyers, there are other risks associated with this horizon that you need to consider. However, there are strategic pathways that buyers can use to dodge these risks and ensure that their purchase goes as planned even after delivery of off plan project in UAE.


  • Is purchasing off plan project in Dubai safe?

Investors should also be aware of the payment schedule and any associated costs or penalties. They should also be ready for delays or modifications to the original plan. Buying off-plan real estate in Dubai can be a good alternative

  • How can you sell off plan projects in the UAE?

You can sell your off-plan houses in Dubai as an investor or buyer. Meeting the requirements and restrictions set out by the developer is crucial, though, if you intend to sell the apartment before it is finished.

  • What is the fee for an off plan project in the UAE?

When purchasing an off-plan property, you must pay the Dubai Land Department the following fees, just like when buying a ready property: 4% of the property value is the property registration fee.