Although extravagance and opulence have long been associated with Dubai’s luxury real estate sector, recent years—especially 2023—have seen this segment leap to previously unheard-of heights. This peak was reached with the record-breaking sale of a Como Residences penthouse on Palm Jumeirah for Dh500 million, or an incredible Dh24,000 per square foot. The sales of custom-built mansions and luxury flats in Dubai, which have reached Dh600 million, reflect this trend and further cement Dubai’s standing as the epitome of luxury worldwide.

Photo of a luxury flat in Dubai location

The spike in high-value transactions, with over 1,200 purchases of luxury flats in Dubai priced above Dh11 million, suggests that there has been a considerable influx of wealthy investors, many of whom are billionaires. These market dynamics support this theory. These deals, which cover 150 opulent developments in ten significant master communities, highlight the city’s allure for affluent people.

The Ripple Effect on Land Prices

Land prices are significantly impacted by the growing market for luxury real estate, particularly for premium plots. A parcel on the Dubai Water Canal is a classic example; it sold for a record-breaking Dh1,700 psf on the GFA, more than quadrupling the pre-Covid average of Dh400. The allure is further enhanced by revolutionary real estate projects, which include upscale homes like Mr. C and Four Seasons. When completed, the apartments average Dh8,000 per square foot, reflecting the high land cost.

What 2024 Holds for Luxury Flats in Dubai

In 2024, Dubai’s luxury real estate market is expected to continue developing. There will soon be new luxury landmarks: La Mer is anticipated to reveal magnificent homes, and Al Wasl Villas will become another elite neighbourhood. Jumeirah Bay Island is also getting ready to welcome additional opulent houses, increasing the variety of luxury properties available in Dubai. However, apartments in Business Bay remain the eye candy for wealthy investors.

Photo of trending locations to buy luxury flats in Dubai

This year, there is anticipated to be a moderate delivery of ultra-luxury apartments, indicating a potential balance between supply and demand for ready-to-move-in luxury residences. One noteworthy trend is the increasing inclination, which is predicted to continue, towards buying ultra-luxury off-plan homes.

But between late 2025 and early 2027, this ultra-luxury market’s viability will be tested—especially with the inflow of recently finished units. It is projected that the market will see a rise in the introduction of branded homes, a development highlighting how the real estate industry is changing its concept of luxury.

Luxury flats in Dubai Market Driven by Genuine Demand

The luxury market is expected to grow significantly in 2024, with numerous ultra-luxury projects breaking records. This trend started in 2023. It’s important to remember that only some have this success. Specific ultra-luxury projects have not attracted attention right first, frequently because of price points that are too high, locations that aren’t perfect, brand names that aren’t aligned, poor branding, or poor project launch tactics.

Upon deeper inspection, the micro-market fundamentals of Dubai’s luxury real estate market show that it is mainly driven by legitimate demand instead of speculation. Properties over Dh15 million are usually not considered speculative investments, especially when they reach half a billion dirhams. Dubai has become the go-to place for people investing in trophy assets, taking market share away from more established safe havens like New York, London, and Paris.

The Path Forward

Should a billionaire investor decide to sell, the nature of the market dictates that the asset will pass to a different person with a comparable level of wealth. This pattern confirms that once a place is known to be a destination for billionaires, it usually stays that way forever, largely unaffected by local or international market changes.

Although prices won’t rise steadily in the ultra-luxury market, a steady volume of sales transactions is anticipated, especially in the off-plan market and luxury flats in Dubai. Any real estate market segment’s genuine viability will become apparent after properties are finished and put through the rigorous testing of actual end-user demand.

To sum up, Dubai’s luxury real estate industry is thriving, setting new standards and reinventing what it means to live a luxurious lifestyle. The market is expected to grow and change even more as 2024 approaches, driven by actual demand and the city’s enduring attraction to the world’s elite. The real test, though, will be in the coming years as the market reacts to the flood of innovations and luxury flats in Dubai to keep its appeal in the face of changes in the world economy.


What is the most luxurious area in Dubai?

Palm Jumeirah and Business Bay are the most luxurious areas in Dubai that speak for prestige, living in every corner of their apartment.

How much is a lovely apartment in Dubai?

In Dubai, apartments for rent can cost as much as AED 163,110 a year or around AED 13,593 every month.

Is it worth buying a flat in Dubai?

Fortunately, Dubai has a high quality of life score, according to Numbeo, which considers factors including purchasing power, safety, healthcare, cost of living, and the ratio of property price to income. Specifically, as of April 2022, Dubai’s safety index score was 83.69 out of 100 possible points.